It is Absolute Pressure working with RGV & Nag: Myra Sareen

Nagarjuna and Ram Gopal varma have joined hands after 28 long years for their latest cop drama, Officer.The movie is gearing up for a grand slam release on June 1st and the expectations on the action thriller are really high, owing to the humongous craze around the deadly combination of Nag and RGV which delivered a resounding hit in the form of Siva.
Speaking at the press event, Nagarjuna said that this movie is a sincere effort from Ram Gopal Varma who took utmost care about the script of the movie and was confident about the film right from the beginning. Nag added that the sound designing for the film is really peculiar and will offer a never before experience for the audience.
The director, Ram Gopal Varma said that the film has shaped up really well and he could execute what was on paper before the start of movie. He further said that the movie unit is confident about the result of the movie as they loved the final output.
The lady leas, Myra Sareen revealed that it was absolute pressure working with the likes of RGV and Nagarjuna for her debut movie in Tollywood. She added that she loves every bit of her experience while shooting for this intense drama.
Well, there is not much time left for the release. The movie-goers are really eager to watch an intense cop drama that is showing immense potential.


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