Jana Sena chief back on Twitter

Pawan Kalyan

Actor and politican Pawan Kalyan has once again posted a series of notes in his official Twitter handle to express views on certain issues.

Firstly he wrote about the establishment of nuclear plants in Uttarandhra region. Pawan Kalyan added that setting up nuclear plant would be an expensive affair and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi should look into the concerns raised by EAS Sarma.

Then Pawan Kalyan asked the TDP government to stop acquisition of land for the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. The Jana Sena chief added that he would be meeting the farmers of Amaravati region. Pawan came in support of Nayi-Brahmins and tweeted that Jana Sena Party will look into the issues and support their demands.

Pawan Kalyan opined that the answers given by Andhra Pradesh government in TTD’s Ramana Deekshitulu’s allegations not satisfactory.


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