Jana Sena MLA Ticket to Bunny Vas?

After a long wait of five years, Jana Sena Party, led by Pawan Kalyan, is getting ready to set its foot in 2019 Elections. Regarding this, Pawan Kalyan once stated that Jana Sena Party is going to contest in all the possible constituencies. Currently it’s been a debate on Pawan Kalyan’s strategy of employing the candidates in respective constituencies.
It is rumored that Bunny Vas, a successful Telugu film producer who is a close acquaintance of “Mega-family” has been confirmed to contest from Palakollu Constituency. If the reports are true, it is Bunny Vas’s audacity that is to be appreciated for contesting against strong TDP candidates.
It is evident that, since TDP has rolled out, it’s been only twice that the party has lost while it got winning the remaining six times which is a hard competition for a debut party to win.


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