Kathi Mahesh To Become Agnathavasi !


Self claimed social media activist and film critic Kathi Mahesh has been making rounds from channel to channel participating debates. The Pesarattu filmmaker has been personally attacking Pawan Kalyan. He made serious allegations that actress Poonam Kaur had relationship with Powerstar.
Pawan fans are furious on Kathi Mahesh and waging war against him.  Kathi is further aggravating the issue rather than refraining. He also raised objections over AP Government granting special screens to Agnyaathavaasi. However, Kathi Mahesh took a whiplash with director Vivek asking him about his mother in a TV debate.

Agnyathavasi Premiere Show Winners

Kathi walking out of it gave him a strong blow. Now, the media’s focus shifted to Kathi’s family background. Pawan fans are digging his past and circulating family photos on social media along with some of his morphed pics. The above image is one such photo that is going viral. Kathi seems to have slowed down a bit with turn of events.
Will Kathi Mahesh watch Agnyaathavaasi on first day? is a million dollar question now because some frenzied fans are waiting to kick him blue and black. It is said that that he would turn a Agnyaathavaasi himself going into hiding for a while. Apparently, Kathi would go on fitness and diet regime to build six-pack and hair transplantation as he is being criticized by one and all on ‘Potta-Batta’!


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