KCR invites Jagan into Federal Front as Plan B?

KCR expedites his mission to form the Federal Front as alternative party to Congress and BJP at center. He has been seeking support of national leaders and CMs of states like Mamta Banerjee, Akhilesh Yadav and MK Stalin.

Opposition and congress party allege that Federal Front is shadow strategy of BJP to retain power. People have lost their faith on NDA government and PM Narendra Modi has lost his sheen compared to 2014 scenario, opine political analysts. Harsh policies like demonetization and GST have taken a heavy toll on the government.

kcr ys jagan federal front

Further, TDP withdrawing support from NDA added to their woes. Several surveys have been predicting that BJP wouldn’t come to power in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. BJP will succumb to anti-incumbency factor. They are likely to fall short in numbers. BJP leadership has come up with the strategy of instigate a third front to polarize votes in order to stop congress and its left wing allies from gaining power.

Opposition alleges that KCR has secret pact with BJP and he is acting according to the center. Hardcore left party leaders like Mamta Banerjee may not oblige to KCR’s FF. His invitation to YS Jagan to join Federal front is being seen as part of center’s plan B. YSRCP is likely to win majority of Lok Sabha seats in AP as per center’s survey.

So, Jagan’s support may be crucial for NDA to form government in 2019. In turn, Jagan may appeal center to grant special category status to AP. NDA government may pass the bill even before election just like congress passed Telangana bifurcation bill before 2014 elections.

ktr ys jagan meeting federal front


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