Krishna voiced whereas Arjun could have hit hard like cyclone Macha

After ‘Gentleman’ Nani gave dual role performance in ‘KrishnArjuna Yuddham’ we need not mention his performance as he is at his finest, but still to those who look for Nani performance; Nani at his incomparable once again with his natural acting. Be it Krishna or Arjun both the roles have been emoted well. The movie is another commercial flick from Natural star. We all braced Nani for his story selection and ease of acting but after three successful commercial movies, we believe that Nani also has taken the track of moneymaking movies. Krishna and Arjun both roles have characterized as ladies ’man.
When some asks support for a social issue we rub off our shoulder until and unless we face it, which is what krishnArjuna Yuddham precisely. The movie deals with a social cause delivered with a soupcon comedy. Though Krishna has entertained us with his timing Arjun failed to impress. Nonetheless, the movie revolves around Heroines but,we won’t get connected to their roles. Cinematographer Karthik Gattamneni and music director Hiphop Tamizha needs a special mention as they have given their best for the film. Director Merlapaka Gandhi has taken a serious issue of women trafficking and delivered it only in second half of the film. Like every routine film when ladies’ man finds his true Love they won’t be that easy going guy anymore.



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