Mahesh Kathi’s Strong Warning To Pawan Kalyan

War between Pawan Kalyan fans and film critic Mahesh Kathi has turned even murkier. Power star has made a mysterious tweet which sparked off a new row.” వ్యక్తిత్వంలో నిన్ను ఓడించడం చేతకాని వాళ్లు..నీ కులం, ధనం, వర్ణం గురించి మాట్లాడతారు.(Dont know who said it but a respectable & senior journalist has greeted me today morning with the above quote.Felt like sharing.Good day!” tweeted Pawan. It means that those who cannot compete with me in personality will raise topics like money and caste. Not sure whether the actor turned politician was countering Mahesh.

However, the film critic has taken it as advantage saying that Pawan is targeting him. Kathi started making personal attack on the Jana Sena chief.  “It is your fans, friends and girl friend, who are talking about money and caste. You preach them instead of me. It is better you don’t talk about personality as it will harm you more than anyone” wrote he on his social networking page. Fans are going berserk firing on Kathi. Some of them wondered why Pawan had to take Kathi seriously instead of ignoring.


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