Malli Pelli Movie Review

Malli Pelli Movie Review
Malli Pelli Movie Review


Naresh as Narendra
Pavitra Lokesh as Parvathy
Jayasudha as Supporting Character
Sarathbabu as Supporting Character
Vanitha Vijayakumar as Soumya Sethupathi
Ananya Nagella as Supporting Character
Roshan as Supporting Character
Ravivarma as Supporting Character
Annapoornamma as Supporting Character

Director: M.S. Raju
Producer: Naresh
Music Directors: Suresh Bobbili and Aruldev
Cinematography: Bal Reddy
Editor: Junaid


Malli Pelli revolves around the lives of Narendra (Naresh), a prominent Telugu actor, and Parvathy (Pavitra Lokesh), a Kannada actress. Narendra, despite his immense wealth, lacks peace of mind due to his previous failed marriages. He meets Parvathy on a film set and gradually develops feelings for her. However, Parvathy’s apprehensions about media attention prevent her from pursuing a relationship with Narendra. The film explores the complexities they face in their journey to be together.

Positive Aspects:

  • Director M.S. Raju adopts a chapter-wise narrative approach, effectively capturing different aspects of the story. The chapter titled “The mistake” featuring Narendra and Soumya’s characters is handled skillfully.
  • The film centers around two actors in a live-in relationship, and their chemistry is crucial for the film’s success. The lead actors deliver commendable performances and share great on-screen chemistry.
  • The cast, including Jayasudha, Annapoornamma, and Sarathbabu, leave a lasting impact despite limited screen time. Naresh shines in the lead role, and Pavitra Lokesh adds depth to the proceedings with her excellent portrayal.
  • Vanitha Vijayakumar steals the show with her terrific performance as Naresh’s wife. The film offers a blend of drama and humor, engaging the audience throughout both halves.

Negative Aspects:

  • Malli Pelli generated significant hype prior to its release, especially due to its connection with the real-life events of Pavitra Lokesh and Naresh. However, the film may face potential backlash from individuals who find their portrayal offensive.
  • It remains unclear how accurately the events are depicted and to what extent they are fictionalized. The flashback portion of Parvathy’s character feels stretched, resulting in moments of boredom.
  • The second half suffers from pacing issues and takes time to pick up momentum, leading to a lengthy feel despite the film’s relatively short runtime. The editing could have been tighter to enhance the overall impact. The film’s nature may not appeal to audiences uninterested in the personal lives of Naresh and Pavitra.

Technical Aspects:

The music by Suresh Bobbili and Aruldev is praiseworthy, with well-composed songs and a suitable background score. Bal Reddy’s cinematography adds richness to the visuals, elevating the film’s aesthetics. The dialogues are well-written and sensible. The production values are impressive, although the editing could have been improved.


Overall, Malli Pelli tells the story of a courageous couple with some positive aspects. Naresh, Pavitra Lokesh, Vanitha Vijayakumar, and Jayasudha deliver solid performances in their respective roles. M.S. Raju succeeds in crafting memorable moments, but the authenticity of the events portrayed remains uncertain, considering the film is based on the real lives of Naresh and Pavitra. The pacing issues occasionally diminish the impact of the narrative. As a result, Malli Pelli falls into the category of a decent watch for the weekend, offering an okay viewing experience.