Manchu Hero in Politics?

Manchu Manoj is prepping up for his next film and is shredding down those extra kilos for the movie which will be announced shortly. On the other hand, there are gossips that the Manchu hero is moving coins for his political entry.

Manchu Manoj inaugurates Fasak Canteen at Sree Vidyanikethan College

Going into the deatils, Manoj actively questions anyone if anything is going wrong. That is what is making news at politics and industry. A recent tweet on Narendra Modi on reminding his promises towards Andhra Pradesh special status and welcoming AP CM on launching Kia Motors in Andhra Pradesh these aspects are playing a key role in Manoj political gossips. There are reports that the Manchu hero is offered by MLA ticket from YSRCP party as well.

However, as per the news from Manchu compound, the star is not interesting in this election. He will be supporting his favourite party instead.




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