Manchu Manoj finds a crazy title!

mingichav restaurant
Telugu people are born with great sense of humour that comedy movies are mostly loved among other genres. This post shared by hero Manchu Manoj reiterates the overflowing creativity in Telugus. The rocking star finds a crazy Telugu guy who runs a Chinese restaurant abroad.
Craziest part is that it has been named as ‘Mingichav’ which in Telugu means eat and die! Apparently, he meant to eat the delicacies until you die. However, Mingichav sounds very Chinese as there are several dishes with similar phonetic like Chowmein. Manoj captioned it in his witty style,” What the creativity of the telugu guy is the??!!🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 Zoom in and check out what he named his chinese restaurant!😃”
The Manchu hero may be keen use it as title for his next movie or if not inspired by it.


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