Mangalavaaram Trailer: A Bold Tale

Director Ajay Bhupathi and actress Payal Rajput have reunited for the movie ‘Mangalavaaram’ after scoring a massive success with their debut movie ‘RX 100’. The theatrical trailer was officially launched by Megastar Chiranjeevi in a special event organized by the film’s makers.

Mangalavaram Movie Teaser | Payal Rajput | Ajay Bhupathi | Latest Teaser -  YouTube

During the event, Ajay Bhupathi shared his journey in the film industry, revealing his introduction through Karthikeya Creative Works (KWC), and his subsequent venture into the world of production with ‘Ajay Bhupathi Creative Works’ (AWC).

Ajay Bhupathi mentioned, “Unfortunately, Ajaneesh Loknath couldn’t attend due to severe fever, and cinematographer Shivendra was occupied with Nagarjuna Garu’s project. ‘Mangalavaaram’ is a dark thriller, delving into a unique genre with rural roots.”

He went on to explain, “Creating films like ‘Mangalavaaram’ necessitates careful consideration of editing and sound, and a well-structured script is essential. I’ve touched on a distinct theme, and I hope the audience will embrace the film. The project gained immense strength when producer Swathi came on board. While I won’t label it as a female-centric film, it does address significant aspects related to women. Swathi Garu’s unwavering support was crucial, even though the budget exceeded our initial estimates. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Suresh Varma Garu and Swathi Reddy Garu.”