Hyderabad 02 Dec 2017: The Miss Ability contest, Telangana 2018 is breakthrough opportunity for beautiful girls with physical disability to be crowned as Miss Ability -An initiative concept by “The Weave Medias founder VasundharaKoppula”. On the Occasion of ‘International day of persons with disabilities 2017’

Vasundhara is happily announcing the Miss Ability 2018 beauty pageant for specially abled girls.


         Creating a platform for the special abled girls to build their career in all sectors and specially in glamour field.

         We trained them about the hooks and crooks of the glamour world as well as groomed them to start the career with flying colors.

         We maintain their portfolio.

         Our final contestants will do modeling for sponsored products and services.

         We raise opportunities for all the selected contestants of the final event in their favorable field like Modeling/Acting/Media(Both on screen and off screen) for different established companies.

         The title winner should work for the assigned social cause.

         To spread the awareness on social causes we will make short films / ad films and cast the contestants.

         A state wide activity will be conducted to identify the specially abled people to participate in the event.


MsVasundharaKoppula, the founder & CEO of ‘weave Medias’

A highly creative and initiative entrepreneur, MsVasundhara with her physical disability win the heart of all,  just because of her innovative ventures for the social cause but with a flavor of commerciality. Thus through ‘weave medias’ , she visualizes to create an impact on the society and create the awareness  about the problems of disable people. As sensitive human being she understand the problems faced by the disable people and try to erase them. With her venture, she tries to uplift the condition of the disable people in front of everyone.

After listening the Miss Ability concept, Sri. Lakshmi Narayana garu and Sri Vinod Kumar garu become back bone to move the concept in to the market and become the partners for the Weave Media . Sri Lakshmi Narayana Garu Co-Founder of the Weave Media and Vinod Kumar garu Executive Director of Weave Media. I personally very thank full to them.


A breakthrough for the beautiful women with physical disability, to bring them under limelight it is a small initiative from Weave Media Team. The natural beauty and charisma of the contestants will act as a decisive point. We want to break the obsolete myth of the fashion industry that the feminine beauty only resemblances with the physical beauty, due to this perfect figure criterion the entire beautiful disable people are under the shadow of the able people. We want to bring these beautiful, confident women under the stardom. The main theme of organizing such contest is that the special people do not want to be pitied, they have enough strength to compete but don’t treated them as outskirts, they are belong to this mainstream society. With a view to promoting inclusivity on the catwalk, Weave Media will organize Miss Ability, a beauty pageant for the differently-abled women of Telangana. Miss Ability endeavors to promote diversity in the fashion world by creating a platform for the differently-abled women of Telangana who have the knowledge and talent to express themselves with confidence on the ramp walk.


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