Mohan Babu to join new party?

Mohan Babu
Dr Mohan Babu served as Rajya Sabha MP from TDP during NTR’s tenure as CM. The versatile actor has been away from politics for long despite being close to CM Chandrababu Naidu and family.
As per latest reports, Mohan Babu is set to make a comeback to politics. If the grapevine is to be belived, he will be joining YSRCP. Mohan Babu is likely to contest for MLA in 2019 elections from a constituency in his native Chittoor district.
Mohan Babu has mouthed hard hitting political dialogues in his latest film ‘Gayatri’ hinting at his political re-entry. He also has been venting out his concern over burning issues and ongoing political affairs in the state through his twitter handle.
Mohan Babu is known to be straight forward person who doesn’t mince words. His stardom and campaigning would certainly strengthen party’s prospects in upcoming election.


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