Mokshagna latest look will leave you in awe

Nandamuri Mokshagna’s latest appearance at a family event will leave you in awe. The Nandamuri scion will be making his silver screen debut soon. Balakrishna has announced that Mokshagna debut film will be launched this year. Mokshagna is believed to be preparing for his debut.
He’s said to be undergoing fitness training along with learning stunts and dances. Contrast to these reports, Mokshagna is seen bulky as earlier. The pic is going viral on social groups. Nandamuri fans are not so delighted with Mokshagna’s appearance.
Of course, Nandamuri heroes have a legacy of looking plump in their initial days as Balakrishna also used to be heavy when he was young. But in today’s world of competition, Mokshagna has to get into shape if he really aspires to become a hero. The photo was clicked when Mokshagna attended Namakaranam function of Tejaswini’s newborn son.


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