Murder Planned to Kill Prakash Raj and 10 Others!

Journalist Gauri Lankesh murder has shocked ever one in SIT Probe. The Police department has caught hold of the accused and investigation is going on by SIT. Naveen will be tested to Narco Analysis Test.The interrogation has revealed shocking facts by the accused. He has planned to kill two other as well; Prakash Raj and Jnanpeetha awardee Girish Karnad under operation Kaka.

All these information have written in Naveen Dairy. There were eleven members in his killlist and Gauri was in first place.

They are his major targets as they raised voice against PM Modi and Hinduism.
Prakash Raj has reacted to this and tweeted,“Bengaluru: Gauri killers planned to eliminate actor Prakash Rai, reveals SIT probe… ….Look at the narrative to silence voices.. my VOICE will grow more STRONGER now .. you cowards …do you think you will get away with such HATE POLITICS.”


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