Nikhil’s Kirrak Party Worldwide Grand Release On March 16th

Young and handsome hero Nikhil’s much awaited flick Kirrak Party release date has been locked. The youthful entertainer will release worldwide grandly on March 16th. Currently, the movie is in last stage of post-production works.
Meanwhile, Kirrak Party’s posters and teaser got tremendous response. Nikhil’s youthful macho looks raised the expectation bar. Second song of the film “Guruvaram” will be released tomorrow. After Happy Days, Kirrak Party is shaping as a complete youthful entertainer set in college campus.
Kirrak Party marks debut of Sharan Koppisetty as director while Sudheer Varma and Chandoo Mondeti provided screenplay and dialogues respectively. In fact, Nikhil joining forces with his successful directors of Swamy Ra Ra and Karthikeya boosted the buzz on Kirrak Party.
Samyuktha Hegde and Simran Pareenja are paired besides Nikhil in this film that is being produced by prestigious banner of AK Entertainments.
Ramabrahmam Sunkara, Kishore Garikipati, Ajay Sunkara, Abhishek Agrawal collaboratively on AK Entertainments and it is presented by ATV.
Casting: Nikhil, Samyuktha Hegde, Simran Pareenja
Producer: Ramabrahmam Sunkara
Direction- Sharan Koppisetty
Music- Ajaneesh Lokanath
Dialogues – Chandoo Mondeti
Screenplay – Sudheer Varma
Cinematography – Advaitha Gurumurthy
Editor M.R Varmaa
Art – Avinash
Co-director – Sai Dasam
Executive Producer: Kishore Garikipati
Co-Producers – Ajay Sunkara – Abhishek Agarwal
Executive Producer: Kishore Garikipati
Producer: Ramabrahmam Sunkara


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