Paritala Sunitha’s advice to Pawan Kalyan


Pawan Kalyan has been criticizing TDP on his Porata Yatra in North Andhra. He alleged that there is no development in the region since TDP rule started. He also said that industries are being established to fill pockets of party leaders. TDP ministers refuted Pawan’s remarks. They said many industries have been initiated in North Andhra under the dynamic leadership of CM Chandrababu Naidu to create employment oppurtunities to youth. “It is not right on Pawan’s part to make false allegations misleading public. He should learn facts before commenting and should refrain from reading script given to him by opposition party.”
The other day at Vijayanagaram, Pawan threw potshots at Ashok Gajapathi Raju who earlier said he don’t know who Pawan is as he doesn’t watch movies. “My name is Pawan Kalyan and this is my power,” satirically said Pawan targeting Mr Raju.
On the other hand, Women Empower and child welfare minister Paritala Sunitha in her speech on an occasion advised Pawan Kalyan to support TDP in resolving Peoples problems and contribute to development of the state instead of joining hands with opposition in mudslinging at ruling party.


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