Patha Pachadi Kotha Jaadi lo: Tollywood    

Trivikram is giving second innings to comedian
We all are very much accustomed to the word ‘Inspiration’ which is well heard in the film industry. Copying film stories is not a new thing for directors and writers. There are very few writers and directors who come up with their own stories, whereas most of them are just the rewritten stories of some famous novels or a film.
If one has the interest of watching movies in different languages then they can easily identify and relate that the scenes are lifted. Especially the present generation writers are hardly bothered to deliver their own scripts. From Trivikram to newcomers everyone has been grabbing ideas from a good novel into a movie script. So are the evergreen movies of Trivikram like Manmadhudu, Julayi, Athadu, A  Aa.. to recent Agnyaathavasi. Even Rangasthalam director Sukumar has admitted that he has taken bits and pieces from different novels and scripted Rangasthalam.
Though the Trivikram celluloid gives credit to the writers, there are few writers who forget their moral ground by not even giving credits. When successful star writers do so, it is taken as an inspiration by the budding scriptwriters to follow the senior’s footsteps. This will kill the creativity or not only time shall decide.


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