Pawan Kalyan and YS Jagan together?

“Enemy’s enemy becomes friend” this adage suits well in politics. Even arch rivals with different agenda form alliance to defeat their common enemy. Pawan Kalyan has been touring in North Andhra on his Porata Yatra while YS Jagan is on his Sankalpa Yatra.

Both have been targeting ruling TDP and CM Chandrababu Naidu throughout their Yatras but seldom they criticized each other. TDP leaders have been expressing their suspicion that Pawan and Jagan would join hands in to take on TDP in 2019 elections.

Adding fuel to this, a flex board with Jana Sena chief and YSRCP chief together in a village is creating stir. The flexi was spotted in Chandravaram village of Chagallu mandal in West Godavari district on Monday. The pic is going viral on social media. YSRCP leader Annamreddy Narendra Reddy installed the flexi.



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