Pawan kalyan counters Srini Raju legal Notice

Janasena party founder Pawan kalyan is randomly tweeting on the conspiracy to defame him in the public. As a part of it, he called Tv9 CEO Ravi Prakash, ABN Andhra Jyothi MD Radha Krishna have joined with the political parties in damaging his reputation dragging him into unnecessary issues. Now, Pawan has shared a legal notice issued by Srini Raju to him. It states that Srini Raju has been just an investor in the broadcasting channel tv9 but he never actively participated in the management, he never visited the office in the past 10 years. So, demanded deletion of tweets mentioning his name and apologize him.
Seems like Pawan kalyan is ready for rebuttal with legal action for the notice given rather than deleting the tweets as they asked so! Further he said that the notice will not make any difference to him rubbished it as cheap political play.


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