Pawan Kalyan fires on CM for caste remarks

Pawan Kalyan has made intense attack on CM Chandrababu Naidu in his speech at Paderu on his Porata Yatra.

On the other day, Naidu alleged that Pawan is resorting to caste politics. The Jana Sena chief strongly condemned CM’s comments.

” Why would I support TDP if I’m caste biased? Didn’t you know it when I supported your party? Its a shameful comment coming from a person of his stature sitting in responsible position. I can expose every leader of TDP and their evil motives but that is not my character. I am working for welfare or people.” said Pawan in his emotional style.

Later Pawan visited house of follower who died tying his party flexi in Vizag and consoled the bereaved family. He named victim’s months old son as Anirudh.


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