Pawan Kalyan gives deadline to CM


Pawan Kalyan continues his Porata Yatra in Uttarandhra. Jana Sena chief slammed TDP government for neglecting Uddanam kidney disease victims. Addressing a gathering, Pawan took potshots at CM Chandrababu Naidu.
“Government makes tall claims on building worldclass capital while people of seven mandals here are suffering with this dreadful disease. You boast about lakhs of budget but shamefully you are not even able to provide proper drinking water. You don’t deserve to rule the state. It is unfortunate that we are being ruled by heartless leaders like you who can’t see sufferings of the poor people. Dialysis centers are established for the sake of it but the centers lack minimum facilities. They are of no use to the people. We don’t even have a Health minister in this state. Such is the pathetic situation in our state,” said Pawan.
In his emotional outburst Pawan gave a deadline 48 hours to appoint a health minister and a special team to monitor Uddanam kidney issue. He warned to sit on fasting taking a break from his tour.


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