Pawan Kalyan issue affects Naa Peru Surya?


Naa Peru Surya pre-release event has became center of attraction amid war between Tollywood and media.
As known, stars and filmmakers held meeting and decided to stop giving film related content like interviews, event live feeds to prime news channels. Film related programs are only to be offered to entertainment channels was on the agenda. However, Naa Peru Surya has been streamed live on few news channels which were pro to mega family and Pawan Kalyan in specific.
Surprisingly, a news channel which has been making deliberate debates targeting film industry also got the live feed of NPS event. The channel is said to have landed at the event without invitation. Though Allu Arvind was reluctant to provide them the permission, Meher Ramesh and Bunny Vaas mediated and let go the channel with the feed.
Apparently, the pacified the Arvind that it is not good to maintain bad terms with any channel ahead of the movie’s release. In his speech, Allu Arvind expressed his doubts that some channels may spread negativity about the NPS in this context.


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