Pawan Kalyan pulls Balakrishna into his Tweet Tsunami!


Pawan Kalyan has been venting his anger through twitter on those who instigated Sri Reddy in abusing his mother. He has been targeting TV9 Ravi Prakash and ABN Radhakrishna. Today Pawan also pulled the leg of Sambasiva Rao, TV5 anchor who hurled vulgar abuses at women in film industry. “#areyOsambaHukumSardar  program will bring you some simple chitchat, gossip, photos, videos etc..from our Samba’s world,” tweeted he.
Further he slammed TDP leaders for making offensive comments on PM Narendra Modi. Apparently, he was referring to Balakrishna abusing Modi in Hindi at Dharma Porata Deeksha. Jana Sena chief condemned arrest of his fans for attacking ABN vehicles. He said that it is nothing but powerful yellow media suppressing voices of poor and helpless people.


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