Poonam Kaur's Controversial Remark On RGV 'God, Sex And Truth'

Poonam Kaur on RGV - Mia Malkova 'God sex truth '
Ram Gopal Varma’s latest controversy with God, Sex and Truth is trending all over news feeds. Netizens are in splits, some have been lambasting RGV for stooping down to the level of making porn while some are appreciating his spiritually aesthetic touch. His controversy cousin Kathi Mahesh who is mostly in accord with him opined that it is not just about body of Mia Malkova but unversal manifestation of desire.
The film critic gave a definition it is about women’s liberty and commended RGV for batting for women empowerment. Actress Poonam Kaur who was all over headlined having dragged into war between Kathi Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan fans, too have voiced over RGV’s GST. However, it is not clear whether she is countering Kathi or she is supporting RGV. Remember the actress worked with the maverick director in Manchu Manoj starrer Attack. Here’s her tweet,


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