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Rajini Kaala

Kaala full movie online download is trending. Kaala movie has been leaked online on release day itself. Rajinikanth’s fan filmed it at a theater in Singapore and leaked it online. Kaala is a mass action entertainer directed Pa Ranjith turned out to be an average film at box-office.

Telugu version of Kaala has been declared a flop. The film didn’t even recover 25% of distributors share. Rajinikanth played Mumbai mafia don Karikalan who fights for rights of Tamil community. His role has reference to Ravan. Pa Ranjith made the film focusing on differences between upward classes and lower classes of the society. BR Ambedkar can be seen in several frames throughout Kaala.

Nana Patekar who plays Brahmin political leader ill treats Kaala calling him a Ravan. The director also seems to be carried away by Dravidian concept of creating Ravan as hero. Those movies which have taken the concept of projecting Ravan as hero have failed miserably. Maniratnam’s Ravan and Shahrukh Khan’s Ravan are the examples. Kaala is latest one in the list. Kaala full movie online download link being piracy has no quality. Wait to watch it on Amazon Prime or on TV.


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