Renu Desai finds her soul mate?

In her recent interviews, Renu Desai expressed her wish to get married for second time. “I realized how tough it is to live without a companion especially while I was struggling with ill health,” said she. Pawan Kalyan fans trolled her for it on social media with offensive comments. Renu too gave strong response questioning the male hypocrisy: why can’t women marry again when men can marry thrice!

Now, Renu seems to have found her love. The actress cum filmmaker shared a pic of herself holding another person’s hand.

Along with a beautiful poetry,” I went looking for love in all the wrong places. I thought, I will find it in poetry. Sometimes in candlelight dinners, most of the time in sugar coated false promises of forevers. I wanted to find love in the most obvious; rains, songs and long drives. I thought I will find it hidden in a giant bouquet of hundred roses. During this search I forgot that love is an experience. It’s an abstract noun that has to be experienced, not possessed. I found love in moments and not in forevers, with you. I found love in tiny meaningful gestures, sincere words and honest actions. You are like my spectacles, I experience joy, peace and kindness clearer now. Hold on to my hand, to never let go, ever. Yes, you do make me believe a li’ll bit in forevers… And yes, you do make peace synonymous with love…”[sic]

Interestingly Renu writes about “Sugar coated false promises.” We have to wait to know what exactly is on her mind and what she meant. Well, for this time people reacted positively and wished her all the best.


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