RGV Comments On Akhil’s Destiny

RGV Comments On Akhil’s Destiny

Akhil’s ‘Hello’ movie trailer has been released on December 1st as it has been 73 years since Akkineni Nageswara Rao first movie as a lead role released. The trailer has been critically acclaimed by everyone. Look here who had commented on his trailer, it is RGV who positively reacted on his trailer on his social media.

“Irrespective of Akhil’s original plan of launching himself with AKHIL, I think Destiny had other plans for Akhil on when he should really actually say HELLO to the audience  …Am amazed at both the ease and the intensity in his face not to forget the romance and the angst..The action is looking refreshingly fresh and Vikram seems to have seamlessly blended the tremendous feel goodness of MANAM with a breezy light hearted and romantic adventure caper.. CAN’T WAIT FOR 22nd.”

RGV is currently working with Akhil father Nagarjuna which is a action packed drama. Myra Sareen has been roped in for the lead role.


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