RGV jealous as Nagababu slams NBK on caste comments

Naga Babu releases yet another video byte lashing out at Balakrishna’s caste comments. Mega brother slammed Balayya for calling Janasena party as ‘Sankara Jathi Party’(Cross breed party) and its followers as ‘Alaga Janam’ (Cheap people). He questioned Balakrishna is feudalistic prejudice.

“Every party has got Kammas, Kapus, Reddys, Vysyas, Brahmins, backward castes, schedule castes and other castes leaders. Even our party has got all castes. They are hurt by your demeaning comments. Balakrishna should refrain from making such disgraceful comments on other castes,” said Naga Babu.

On the other hand, Ram Gopal Varma appreciated Nagababu. RGV said that he’s jealous of Nagababu for his dare to truth comments. Earlier, RGV had clash with Nagababu during Khaidi No. 150 release as later criticized the director for his ridiculous comments on Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan.

RGV tweeted,”Commemtlalo nannu minchipoyarane naa jealousy baadha oka vaipu..Thana star brotherlani defend cheyyatamlo super star ayipoyarane aanandam oka vaipu..Oka kanta kanneru ..Maro kanta panneru..Naga babu Garu Hats Off ..I love ur brothers as much as u luv them”[sic]


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