RGV Vows To Make GST 2

RGV changed the definition of GST to God, Sex and Truth. RGV GST is trending on internet more than Padmaavat. Netizens are in splits with the film as it didn’t meet their expectations. RGV’s attempt was to present egotism aesthetically only appealed to some. MM Keeravani’s classy music adds to it. GST is estimated to have collected huge through pay per view. However, the pirated version appeared on all adult sites in no time. Overwhelmed with amazing response, Ram Gopal Varma is all set to make sequel of GST. A politician is said to be ready to fund him. “Owing to the FANTASTICALLY AWESOME response to #GodSexTruth I am starting #GST2 very soon..May God Be With Me and GST Lovers,” shared he on his micro-blogging handle.


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