Sri Reddy Brings Chiranjeevi Daughter in Row

Sri Reddy is not leaving Pawan Kalyan by any chance. She has targeted Tollywood and Kollywood industries people who are subjecting women to mere sensual puppets. Though Pawan Kalyan has moved on from movies and joined politics his rival parties are still throwing dirt on him.
Sri Reddy recently posted a message on Pawan Kalyan and his brother Chiranjeevi and Sreeja, who eloped from her family and married. She questioned Pawan Kalyan on Chiranjeevi still being a part of Congress.
She posted,” A teenage girl of sixteen years we had brought up so lovingly was made to sit in front of the media in New Delhi by Congressmen and watching it, we moaned a lot, said Pawan Kalyan. Then, why is your brother still in the Congress? What is he helping you for? Fan votes? isn’t he ashamed of it? questioned Sri Reddy.”


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