TDP drags Chiru as Pawan attacks Lokesh

Whenever Pawan Kalyan refers Lokesh in his speeches he carries it in a sarcastic tone. During Vizag Nirasana Kavathu, Jana Sena Chief said,” Lokesh should lead the protest for Vizag railway zone while Chandrababu, Jagan and myself would walk behind him in stopping trains.” He asked public to imagine the heroic scene.
Latest Pawan said that Lokesh will be TDP CM candidate for 2019 elections. He added that withsaid that Chandrababu Naidu is making plans to goto Lok Sabha.
Ridiculing Lokesh, Pawan sweared that he would never make it happen. “How can we expect a person who didn’t win a election, became minister by backdoor to rule the state?” questioned Pawan.
TDP leaders rushed to counter Pawan. They pulled the legs of Chiranjeevi into this. TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna condemned Pawan’s remarks on Lokesh. “Did Pawan forget how his brother Chiranjeevi became a union minister during Congress rule? Pawan should think twice before blindly reading out the scripts written by the BJP,” slammed Venkanna.


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