Telugu channels blacklisted in a Sting Survey

Nowadays media has become a mockery of democracy. Telugu news channels are worse of them all. Our channels have ridiculed as in recent times with their reporting of silly news. A anchor reporting Sridevi’s death from bathtub went viral on national level.
Media’s overenthusiasm in not so important issues like Kathi Mahesh or a Sri Reddy controversy has irked public like anything. Sensationalising unnecessary things thereby garnering TRPs is what media houses are craving for. They are not bothering about serious issues like AP special status or Aqua food park pipeline thing.
Day before Pawan Kalyan’s hunger strike for Uddanam kidney disease was also not properly covered instead media was busy with Mahanati felicitation by AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. News channels have become political party propaganda agencies.
Recently some news channels are boasting that BJP will win 2019 elections with comfortable majority. It is said that its a paid propaganda by the party.
A sting survey has been conducted by popular Cobra site in this regard. They have listed two top Telugu media channels to be highly corrupt. They also released proofs of video conversations of channel CEOs bargaining money for compromising with their reporting. Like Chiranjeevi said in Tagore, only word that a journalist don’t like is ethics.


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