US Prostitution Racket: Heroines list with hotel room numbers

Telugu couple Kishan Modugumudi and Chandrakala Modugumudi who were arrested in the US on charges of running a sex racket. Telugu film actresses are alleged to be involved in the prostitution ring.  In the pretext of cultural events, the actresses are invited to USA and are made to indulge in prostitution. Chicago police arrested the couple. Cops will present them in the North District of Illinois’ Eastern court on Thursday.

Guess what? the prostitution racket that was running for years was busted with the help of  a piece of waste paper!

The paper that fell out of Kishan Modugumudi’s pocket apparently had the key information with which the US Border Patrol officials discovered that the couple were running sex racket.

They were actually arrested on January 23, 2018 for illegally staying in the US after their visa was expired. The cops recovered the paper on which names of actresses and their hotel room numbers were scribbled. It is said that the list included some top heroines names of Tollywood. Film Nagar abuzz is that a leading star heroine who is acting Telugu and Tamil is also there. 4 other popular actresses are also being named.

On raid at the couple’s house, cops found diaries with list of actresses and their clients. They also found condoms. Their bank transactions also add to the evidence.



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