Vijay Devarkonda Nervous over Ee Nagarani ki Emaindi


Vijay raised to fame with ‘Pellichoopulu’ movie directed Tarun Bhasker. It seems like Vijay still couldn’t come out from the director’s cast.

Tarun Bhasker second film ‘Ee Nagarani ki Emaindi’ has released and Vijay is nervous about the film. Every Actor undergoes the same anxiety before their film release but Vijay is feeling it for other’s movie. Probably he is still stuck in ‘Pellichoopulu’ days. However, Vijay and Tarun still share a very good bond that both care for each other movies and career as well. Dont Worry Vijay the Film is going good at the box office.

“Woke up from a night of nervous excited dreams of #EeNagaranikiEmaindi. I think my brain doesn’t understand that I am not in the film, Naku enduku Bhai ee butterflies? Oh! I in the film? Anyways I think I’ll spend the rest of the day looking for people’s reviews. Good luck boys 🙂 I was exactly where you are sometime back and this feels like déjà vu. I do hope it beats #Pellichoopulu.” He tweeted Via Twitter

‘Ee Nagarani ki Emaindi’ released on 29th June. Suresh Production has bankrolled the project and directed by Tarun Bhasker.


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