Vulgar Comments By DGP On Nirbhaya's Mother

Year 2012 shook India with gory incident of Nirbhaya rape in a moving bus in national capital Delhi. People are split in views over the incident. While most of the people were furious on the six barbarian rapists demanding capital punishment for rape. There still exists archaic mindset psychopaths who blame the girl for going out late. What’s more alarming is that governing political leaders and high profile officials having this kind of regressive thought process.
Latest to join this bandwagon is Karnataka DGP HT Sangliana. The police officer made disgusting comments about Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi. She happened to attende a event organized to honour women. Sangalina who came as a guest said, ‘Ashaji still got a good physique, imagine how beautiful Nirbhaya would have been,” said he. Continuing his insensitive crap, he added that the victim should have surrendered herself rather than fighting back. These remarks came as shocker, protests have already began demanding his explanation.


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