Vyavastha Web Series Review

Starring: Karthik Rathnam, Hebah Patel, Sampath Raj, Kamna Jetmalani, Sukrutha Wagle, Shivani, Sujith Kumar, Raja Ashok, Guru Raj

Director: Anand Ranga

Producer: Pattabi R Chilukuri

Music Director: Naresh Kumaran

ZEE5’s newly launched web series “Vyavastha,” directed by Anand Ranga and produced by Pattabi R Chilukuri, stars Karthik Rathnam, Hebah Patel, and Sampath Raj in prominent roles, with Naresh Kumaran as the music director. The legal drama revolves around Yamini (played by Hebah Patel), who gets arrested on her wedding night for murdering her husband and hires Vamsi (Karthik Rathnam), a lawyer she had previously been in love with, to handle her case. Here’s our take on the show:


Yamini (Hebah Patel) hires Vamsi (Karthik Rathnam) to handle her case after getting accused of murdering her husband on her wedding night. However, she doesn’t trust Chakraborty (Sampath Kumar), the head of the law firm Chak Mate, and the series explores the challenges Vamsi faces due to Chakraborty’s interference and the outcome of the case.


Karthik Rathnam delivers an impressive performance, and Sampath Raj shines as a lawyer willing to do anything for more power and wealth. The series starts strongly, with smooth character introductions and a monopoly established in the legal system. Kamna Jetmalani’s performance is also decent, and her character touches on a shocking and unknown aspect. The dialogues are well-written, making the show engaging at times.


After the first episode, the series loses direction, with several unrelated subplots and characters introduced. The editing is confusing, with no connection between most sequences. Additionally, Hebah Patel’s character disappears for a significant amount of time, and the makers’ intentions become unclear. The series is lengthy and lacks sufficient courtroom scenes, deviating from the central point. The ending is also unsatisfactory.


Overall, “Vyavastha” is a lengthy legal drama that fails to maintain momentum after a promising start. While the performances of Sampath Raj and Karthik Rathnam are noteworthy, the focus on subplots undermines the main premise. The series is tedious to watch and lacks sufficient courtroom scenes despite being a legal drama.