Hebah Patel in Bigg Boss 2?

With the success of Bigg Boss hosted by NTR, season 2 started amid huge expectations. Initially, the show got booed down by the viewers as contestants are not so popular and Nani’s anchoring too hasn’t been on par to Tarak. By second week it has picked up a bit with secret affairs brewing between young pairs.
Nani whipped the lash becominga a tough master taming the inmates. However, TRPs are not matching upto season 1. To make it more interestingly, makers are entering Hebah Patel in as a wild card entry.  The cheesy beauty is likely to add more pep to the show. Hebah haven’t had a notable success after Kumari 21 F. Hope, she makes the show and herself successful by raising heat and TRPs together.


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