‘Officer’ Is Now In The Hands Of Samantha

Samantha Mahanati
Akkineni new family member is doing whatever she can do to for her family. Nagarjuna, Ram Gopal Varma upcoming movie ‘Officer’ is now in the hands of Sam. Are you thinking why? Here it is!
‘Officer’ movie is currently going through post production work and it is slated for May 24th   Worldwide release. RGV has opened the can worms by himself joining in the defaming camp done on Pawan Kalyan. Though, the director doesn’t really bother that this would make a difference for his movie, Nagarjuna feels it is not a piece of cake to get a hit at the box office with all the mess around. So he decided to take the aid of Samantha to come for movie promotions as she has charismatic positive fan base all over the states. Will Samantha take the responsibility of his father in law movie like she did for  Akhil’s ‘Hello’. As per the sources, Samantha is ready to promote the movie as after all she is Daughter in law of Akkineni family.


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