Yash confirms his next movie?

Yash, who attained pan-India fame with the ‘KGF’ franchise is one of the most actors in demand in Indian cinema. It’s been over a year since his ‘KGF 2’ was released, but Yash hasn’t announced his next movie which led to a huge disappointment among his fans.

Recent strong rumors suggest that he has greenlit a film with Malayalam director Geetu Mohandas, but an official announcement is yet to be made. This upcoming movie will mark Yash’s 19th film, with filming scheduled to commence in December of this year. The pre-production phase is progressing swiftly, and KVN Productions is set to produce this high-budget, pan-Indian venture.

There are speculations that the film’s narrative will be set against the scenic backdrop of Goa, promising a stylish and action-packed cinematic experience. The cast and crew are currently being finalized. Yash is closely monitoring the film’s developments while also taking quality time to be with his family. Additionally, there have been reports of Yash being approached for a project related to Ramayana, and fans are eagerly anticipating an official update on this front.