You have to see.. what we show you!!!

Journalism… If we speak of these words in public, everyone looks at u and give a weird look at you and then you will realize, why you called that name in public. To such an extent journalism has deflated.
Should Media Run for news or TRP? This question is asked by every common Man in state after the series of incidents happening in states. Here are series of incidents happened simultaneously and this what media has decided to show up for their audience.

-When the unexpected Chennai floods washed away Chennai city our media has been back of intolerance issues with no means but to create news out of nothing.

-When the world is burning out with Syria refuges issue our media has not even given a scroll to it. When our media is out of issues then they covered it after people questioning media.

-when the nation is burning with child rape cases, states have been in cash crises…ATM has run out of cash and when Indian hearts are winning medals for glorifying Indian Rank in the eyes of the world. They aspired to cover the most important topic of defaming a star just because they have got a good package to support other political parties.
Naga Chaitanya, Samantha Reception Stills
-Especially Telugu media covers hours and hours of Movie events, Audio functions, Pre release events, Stars marriage live telecast etc. if you don’t get any topic to talk about then there are so many issues like human trafficking, organ mafia, child labor… etc. please address these issues and enlighten the audience on what going on in the world…
Journalism has some ethics and rules these rights shouldn’t be taken for granted until and unless in cases like national interest and information which is a threat to the nation.


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