YS Jagan’s dubious comments


YS Jagan has been suspected to be getting close to BJP. It has been alleged that YSRCP president is patronizing BJP leadership to get away from his diproportionate assets cases. Speculations are rife that YSRCP will join alliance with BJP in upcoming general elections in 2019.

BJP had to face humiliation in Karnataka as JDS and Congress are about to form goverment. BJPs dreams to start their conquest on South starting with Karnataka have dashed. TDP leaders are celebrating the failure of BJP.

CM Chandrababu Naidu himself has said that Karnataka’s result is victory of democracy and that South people have rejected BJP. YS Jagan took to his twitter and criticized TDP.

Initially, he wrote that BJP did a mistake by indulging in horse trading but later changed the statement. “BJP gracefuly took back step abiding by constitution. But TDP has been violating constitution for past 4 years, they have been buying MLAs like trade of animals in a fare,” said he. These remarks haven’t gone down well with TDP leaders. They started trolling Jagan for his comments.


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