Actress Sri Reddy Sensational Comments On Star Heroes

Small time actress Sri Reddy made controversial allegations on star heroes and filmmakers on Telugu film industry. Sri Reddy acted in films like A Film By Aravind, Nachuvale, Chandamama Lo Amrutham, Golconda High School, Ee Rojullo and Chammak Challo. Actress made shocking revelations in an online interview. She said that casting couch is rampant in Tollywood. Sri Reddy slammed Telugu directors and producers for casting other language heroines. She said that Telugu actresses are looked down and are not given priority. “Don’t we look beautiful. Don’t we maintain figure. We too are ready for skin show,” said Sri. Further she added that Telugu filmmakers openly ask actresses whether they are ready to compromise or more precisely if they are willing to sleep with them inorder to get film offers. Even after compromising we only end up in sister or side roles, says the actress. Sri Reddy alleged that star heroes are also involved in these activities. “In fact heroes are the main culprits. It is unfortunate that four big families control Telugu film industry. This has to change,” said she.


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