Blunder mistake in Mahanati!

Mahanati is being considered a masterpiece that has taken Telugu cinema to another level and there is no doubt about it. The biopic deserves all the laurels and can be listed in world’s best made biopics. However, even masterpieces are no exception to have some regretful elements.
Hollywood classic epic like Benhur is said to have a mistake as a modern car can be spotted in the iconic chariot race scene. Mahanati too has got a mistake, indeed a blunder. In the film, Savitri is shown to have started her second innings as actress with Gorintaku to overcome her financial crisis.
That’s absolutely fine, while she walks out of sets, SV Rangarao portrayed by Mohan Babu shares his lunch with Savitri as unit members ill treat her. This was the mistake as Gorintaku was made in 1979 but SVR had passed away in 1974 itself. Of course, the scene got an applause with Mohan Babu delivering a hard hitting dialogue.
However, in reality it was Gummadi who shared his lunch with her. Director Nag Ashwin says it was consciously made mistake. As it becomes tedious to introduce another character in already star studded film, so they decided to go with pre-established character and the idea has worked out in their favor.


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