Guess the heroine to play Sridevi in her Biopic ?

Sridevi’s inspirational journey from a child artiste to queen of Indian cinema is must to be made into a biopic. As producer Ashwini Dutt who said that Sridevi is the only other actress who can be called Mahanati after legendary actress Savitri. The filmmaker is the one who produced Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari and is now producing Mahanati, biopic of Savitri.
In case he produces Sridevi’s biopic next, it could be titled as ‘Mahanati 2’ or ‘Atilokasundari’. The first question that comes to our mind is who could play Sridevi in the film. Who could match the celestial beauty’s enigmatic charm? Baby Nainika (Meena’s daughter) will be apt as childhood Sridevi. Sridevi’s daughter Jahnvi Kapoor can play teenage Sridevi of ‘Padaharella Vayasu’. Who could play the diva who ruled Bollywood is a million dollar question. Comment if any actress you feel could fit the bill. Well, who would direct the biopic. Of course, Ram Gopal Varma will jump to do it.


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