Her awesome waist and thunder thighs will be dissected, Terrible!!

Sridevi’s death mystery continues to take shocking turns and twists. Dubai authorities are investigating real reasons for her sudden death. It has been reported that the diva drowned accidentally in the bath tub and that alcohol content is found in her blood. Officials are interrogating Boney Kapoor and doctors are likely to conduct autopsy on the body. Her ardent devotee Ram Gopal Varma is in distress over these reports. RGV says people used to talk about her expressive eyes, sensuous lips, awesome waist and thunder thighs. Now the same people are talking about alcohol in her blood, water in her lungs. Further the maverick tweets that it is traumatic to hear that her body will be dissected in terrible ways. RGV writes he feels like committing suicide! Here’s his exact tweet..


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