Hero creates ruckus on road for Beer

No wonder Telangana tops in beer sales like any other summer. In April alone, nearly half crore beer cases were sold according to reports. Weekend sales are at peaks compared to normal days. Youngsters throng wine shops for crates of beer despite cops conducting check ups with breathe analyzers.
Nearly 110 drunk and drive cases were registered on Saturday night alone in Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills. As was reported an actor was caught. Meanwhile, another young hero is said to have created ruckus on road on Sunday night. The hero is out of shape already with excessive in take of beer.
Due to scarcity, apparently the hero had to drive his car from wine shop to wine shop for beer late in the night. Sources spotted him in Krishna Nagar where he was banging closed shutters of a wine shop demanding for beer. As he comes from well off family with political influence, police have requested the hero to leave the place before media lands.


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