I wish to die like that, says Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan held meetings with East Godavari, Potti Sreeramulu and Nellore district Janasena leaders on Friday. Speaking on the occasion, Pawan said that ruling and opposition parties are trying to attribute caste politics to him and Janasena party but they wouldn’t be successful.

“Our society is built on foundation of caste system. We cannot ignore it either. However, I believe that all castes should contribute and work in accord to build better society to co-exist. I’ve been brought up with this ideology since my childhood which is why I’m into politics. Two kinds of people exist. First kind wish to enjoy their life fulfilling their desires and second kind of people are contentful in doing social service to public. I am of second kind. I wish to die in public service,” said the Janasena chief.

Pawan Kalyan will be holding meetings with Chittoor and Potti Sreeramulu co-ordinators and leaders on Saturday at Janasena office in Amaravathi.

pawan-kalyan janasena meetings


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