Harish Rao for TRS 2.0 ?

It is well known that Harish Rao played crucial role in TRS party’s glorious victory in Telangana elections. He is the one who worked at grass root level in districts to boost poll propects of the party. Harish Rao is highly revered by party men and cadre of all areas and they abide by his word.

He also won with record breaking vote majority in Siddipet for his exceptional development programs in the constituency. The former irrigation minister also played vital role in Mission Bhagiratha, Telangana government’s ambitious project to safe guard lakes and water bodies of the state.

harish rao for trs 2.0

TRS government won appreciation and national awards for the mission. The pace at which massive Kaleeswaram project has been built left everyone awe-inspired. Recently, central board of irrigation and power has confered an award upon Mission Bhageeratha. Harish Rao took it prestigious that he had resided at a war room near the project staying away from his family for months to monitor the progress.

However, after the poll victory his sympathisers feel that he’s being sidelined from party and is being discredited of party and governments success. On the other day, CM KCR visited Kaleeswaram project but Harish Rao hasn’t accompanied him.

It is being speculated that differences have cropped up between them post elections. KCR announcing KTR as TRS working president also hasn’t gone too well with Harish’s followers. If the gap widens it shall result in break-up of TRS, fear party folks.



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