Kalvakuntla Kavitha trolled for inked middle finger!

Kalvakuntla Kavitha is getting trolled on social media for weird reason. The Karimnagar TRS MP casted her vote at Pothangal Village in Telangana. She shared the image of her inked finger on social media. You may be thinking what’s so funny about it.

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Upon keen observation you would notice something really weird. They got their middle finger inked instead of pointer finger that would be inked at poll booths usually. Kavitha cleverly showed all her fingers to avoid controversy but she couldn’t get away with it. The embarassment is all hers as the Sarpanch who posed along with her flaunts his inked middle finger with an innocent smile:) The pic is going viral inviting trolls from netizens and opposition especially.

kavitha kalvakuntla middle finger sarpanch elections



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